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    RapidBac™ Vet
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    RapidBac™ Vet is a rapid test for the qualitative differentiation of Gram-positive and/or Gram-negative bacteria in urine of the cat and dog. It is only available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


    > General

    The incidence of urinary tract infections (UTI) is higher among dogs than cats and is reported very differently in the literature. The diagnosis of UTI is made by demonstrating bacteria in the urine (bacteriuria).

    If a dog or cat presents with one or more of the symptoms frequent urination, painful urination, malodorous or cloudy urine, hematuria, and uropathogens are detected in a concentration of > 10E3 CFU/ml (colony forming units per ml) in an urine sample collected by cystocentesis, then there is indication of an urinary tract infection.

    RapidBac™ Vet is a rapid test for the qualitative differentiation of Gram-negative and/or Gram-positive bacteria in the urine. The result can be read in less than twenty minutes. The test costs one-third as much as urine culture, and does not require any instrumentation.


    Detection of


    Sample material:


    Test time/duration

    20 minutes


    Room temperature (15–25°C)


    Cat: 100%, Dog: 97.4%


    Cat: 98.6%, Dog: 98.8%

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    Test procedure

    Rapid test

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