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Focused on Veterinary Diagnostics

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    Applicable to

    Dog, Cat, Horse, Cattle, Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Goat, Sheep, Hedgehog, Pig, Birds / Poultry

    > Field of Application

    MYKODERMOASSAY DTM is a special agar for the qualitative detection of veterinary relevant dermatophytes.

    > General

    Dermatophytoses/ringworm belong to the most frequent infectious dermatoses in pocket pets, pets and farm animals, but also in humans (zoonosis). They are caused by dermatophytes, filamentous fungi using keratin (skin, hair and claws) as carbon source.

    The clinically most relevant species are Microsporum (M.canis, M.gypseum, M.persicolor), Trichophyton (T.verrucosum, T.mentagrophytes) and Epidermophyton. Beside age and immunosuppression, familiar, breeding (especially persian cats) and keeping conditions (breeding, animal shelter, hunting dog, multiple species keeping), travelling, lactation (transmission of infection to puppies) as well as e.g. ectoparasite based diseases and debilitated animals play an important role in developing a ringworm disease. Warm and humid climate is an additional trigger.

    In case of clinical suspicion of an ongoing dermatophytosis (spotted, patchy areas of alopecia, often nonpruritic), establishment of a mycological culture using dermatophyte specific media is known to be the most reliable technique.

    The MYKODERMOASSAY DTM is a classical dermatophyte medium in agar vials with tilted agar. It ensures a fast evaluation of the clinically suspected diagnosis through colour change of the agar. This enables the veterinarian in suspicious cases to identify a dermatophytosis and initiate a specific therapy.


    Detection of


    Sample material:

    Skin scrapings, dandruff, plucked hairs, feathers

    Test time/duration

    3 weeks


    2–8°C (shelf life 3 years) or 15–25°C (shelf life 2 years)

    Test procedure


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    Art.-No. 716M12MP1

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    12 agar vials with dermatophyte special agar