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    Dog, Horse

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    MegaLINE® BORRELIA IgG is a LINE immunoassay for the qualitative detection of specific IgG antibodies against Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato in plasma and serum of the dog and serum of the horse.

    > General

    Borreliosis, caused by the borrelia species Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato (B.b.s.l., genospecies B.b. sensu stricto, B. garinii, B. afzelii), is an infectious disease in dogs, horses as well as other animals and humans. It mainly appears in the northern hemisphere. Ticks transmitting Borrelia (Ixodes ricinus, castor bean tick) are infected up to 30% with Borrelia. In dogs from endemic areas, the antibody prevalence (up to 95%) correlates with dog ownership, dog’s outdoor time and sucking time of the ticks.

    The definitive in-clinic diagnosis “Lyme borreliosis“ is often complex and can only be done by an analytical view combining many details like case history, clinical symptoms(e.g. lethargy, exhaustion, fever, swollen lymph glands, switching lameness, arthritis and neurological disorders) and especially by laboratory diagnostics. A successful therapy is based on an early detection of symptoms – first signs appear 2 to 5 months after tick exposition.

    IgG antibody detection is successful at the earliest in week 4–6 after tick exposition, after 3 months the antibody level is the highest. A titre increase (seroconversion) is mostly seen before clinical signs of lameness and fever.

    For the detection of antibodies, a two-step diagnostics is known to be golden standard. First step is an IgM/IgG antibody screening test like rapid test (ICT), ELISA and/or IFA test. Because false positive or false negative test results cannot be ruled out, an unclear positive or negative test result should be verified by a confirmatory test like the MegaLINE® BORRELIA IgG (2nd step of diagnostics). Also, a determination whether the antibody titre is caused by antibodies due to vaccination or due to a natural infection is only possible by repeated analysis via line immunoassay (Line Blot).

    Various criteria affect the serological IgG answer, like age, immune status, rate of infection, Borrelia genotype species, cross reactions with other spirochetes, time point of laboratory testing, medical treatment with glucocorticoids etc. The MegaLINE® BORRELIA IgG is proven to be a reliable tool for a concluding evaluation for the actual serological Borreliosis status of the animal.


    Detection of


    Sample material:

    Plasma or serum

    Test time/duration

    150 minutes




    Dog 91.1%
    Horse 100%


    Dog 91.3%
    Horse 91.3%

    Test procedure

    LINE Immunoassay

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    1 test-kit contains 20 determinations


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