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    FASTest® ANAPLASMA-EHRLICHIA is a rapid immunochromatographic test for the qualitative detection of antibodies against Anaplasma spp. (A. phagocytophilum, A.platys) and Ehrlichia canis in whole blood, plasma or serum of the dog.

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    Canine Granulocytic Anaplasmosis (GA, Anaplasma phagocytophilum [A. p.], Thrombocytic Anaplasmosis (TA, Anaplasma platys) and Canine Monocytic Ehrlichiosis (CME, Ehrlichia canis) belong to the most important vector-borne infectious diseases induced by canine parasites. Co-infections play a major role in both pathogens, therefore, depending on the animals’ place of origin and whereabouts, potential other pathogens (e.g. Borrelia spp., Babesia spp., Leishmania spp.) or laboratory values indicative of these pathogens (e.g. anaemia, leucocytosis / neutrophilia, hypoalbuminaemia / hypergammaglobulinaemia, kidney values etc.) should be clarified.

    In principle, tick territories (endemic area) are potential breeding grounds. Seroprevalences for GA / TA and CME vary widely, depending on country (endemic or non-endemic) and study.

    With an incubation time of 2–20 days, A. phagocytophilum infections are often subclinical or self-limiting. Clinical symptoms are fever, apathy, stiff muscle, polyarthritis with joint pain / swelling, lameness, weight loss, thrombocytopenia, anaemia, petechial haemorrhages and increasing inflammatory values (CRP, haptoglobin). Subarachnoid haemorrhage could lead to central nervous disorders. The cause of TA is A. platys. It occurs world-wide, mainly in the Southern Hemisphere. In most cases, the infection is asymptomatic with mild fever, uveitis, petechiae and ecchymoses. In the laboratory diagnostics, a thrombocytopenia is shown.

    CME is characterised by a very long incubation period (Ø 4–5 up to 12–13 years) and an unspecific clinic. It is therefore also referred to as a “silent killer”!

    Very few veterinarians are aware of the consequences of such a co-infection from an immunological, therapeutic and diagnostic point of view. Therefore, FASTest® ANAPLASMA-EHRLICHIA is suitable as a quick, qualitative antibody detection if an anaplasmosis, ehrlichiosis or a co-infection is suspected. This enables to start immediately further diagnostic investigations as well as therapeutic and prophylactic measures.


    Detection of


    Sample material:

    Whole blood, plasma or serum

    Test time/duration

    10 minutes


    Room temperature (15–25°C)


    Anaplasma: 87.5%
    Ehrlichia: 98.2%


    Anaplasma: 100%
    Ehrlichia: 100%

    Comparison method


    Test procedure

    Rapid test

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